Celebrating America's long standing tradition in the art of fine furniture making, painting and sculpture. . .

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schooner in front of gallery
Beal Island Dock
View of NE Harbor from Acadia Mountain
2nd floor gallery
1st floor gallery
Storm Passing, Somes Sound
Monhegan Island


The Gallery at Somes Sound is considered to be one of the leading furniture and art galleries on the East Coast representing some of the finest furniture makers, artists and sculptors ....

The Gallery is proud to announce the arrival of PRITAM & EAMES to Mount Desert Island: Beginning May, 2015, PRITAM & EAMES, the country's leading furniture gallery synonomous of the American Studio Furniture movement, will showcase work in the Gallery's first floor exhibit space. This cooperative venture between PRITAM & EAMES and The Gallery at Somes Sound reinforces and strengthens our long-term commitment to 21st-century fine art, making Mount Desert Island a destination for anyone who loves fine furniture, paintings and sculpture. To learn more about PRITAM & EAMES, please visit our Collaboration Page.....